Dock House

Dock House was the original setting for HULLHARP’s night shelter beginnings.  We are proud that that as an organisation we have been able to open the Dock House Night Shelter from December 2nd 2015 until 31st March 2016, using our reserves. Despite the best efforts of The Trustees and the HULLHARP team we are will be no longer able to keep the Night Shelter open after this time.

Back in the early days a portacabin was where the Endsleigh Centre nuns offered a place to sleep to the homeless of Hull, moving into Dock House when more space was needed. It was shortly after that HULLHARP was formed and an extension was added to the back to provide accommodation and support to the homeless and vulnerable. Dock House became many peoples’ home very quickly and staff and clients alike found that a sense of ‘family’ was in the atmosphere.

It is abundantly clear that this type of service is vital in order to reduce homelessness but time has moved on and working with Humbercare and their Roper Street project, will allow us to refer clients to a project that can create a clear pathway out of homelessness.

The staff at Dock House and all HULLHARP projects are very passionate about supporting people. They wear their blue t-shirts with pride and keep the Dock House story close to their hearts.

In March 2017 the contract from Hull City Council was won by Humbercare and they have taken over the service since then.  We continue to work very closely with Humbercare to ensure the needs of our homeless population are met.