Aspire is a supported housing project set up by HULLHARP in 2011.

Operating as a semi-independent living environment, it is perfect for clients who need support before they are fully ready to embark on independency.

HULLHARP set up the project in August 2011 and since then it has gone from strength to strength. All Aspire properties have a high level of client involvement in deciding how things are run, using principles from Restorative Practice.

At Aspire you can expect to be assigned a key worker and receive a key-working session every week.

In 2015, the Aspire project offered places to 42 individuals. In addition to the hostel at Dock House, we now run supported houses at the following locations:

  • Beverley Road

The support worker is Owen Phillips, who works closely with the clients to prepare them for independence.

You can refer clients to Aspire using the downloadable application form.

Step 1: Download our referral form.

Step 2: Complete it and get it signed by the person you are referring.

IMPORTANT! Referrals will not be taken to interview until we have a completed referral.   Our resources to acquire references for incomplete referrals are limited. Complete referrals can be processed in approximately two working days from Aspire receiving the forms; this does not apply to incomplete referrals.

Step 3: An interview will be arranged: this is a risk assessment to make sure we can meet the person’s needs.

Step 4: The decision will be based on the results of the interview. If the person is suitable we will accept them onto our waiting lists or offer them a room if one is available. If a person does not meet our criteria we will not be able to offer services.
Aspire application

All mail should go via:

Aspire Office
Dock House

You can contact us via telephone for any queries:
Dock House (Main Office): 01482 219022

Or you can email us by following this link

The Genesis Project is a project that is led by the residents and ex-residents of Aspire.

Linda, Danielle (the Aspire Resettlement Worker) and Sylvia Hodder (long standing volunteer), are on the Committee but the rest of the work is done and led by the clients. We are in the early stages at the moment and with the help of Groundwork we hope to build and grow. Eventually we hope to have a fully-fledged community garden at Aspire which is generating many different types of fresh produce from herbs to fruit. However, one step at a time.

The project’s general aims are to improve the site and service of Aspire but mainly to help the residents to gain new skills, gain some confidence and help to give something back. In the next year we hope to be growing so much fruit and vegetables that we can help other homeless services to provide food to people in need. We also hope that our residents will move on and carry with them the skills they have learnt here.

We would like to thank Hull Churches for donating a marvellous greenhouse to get us started; Houlton’s for their kindness in donating their facilities to get us started; and all those who have sponsored Danielle’s ‘5-run Challenge’ so far. You have given us the start we needed!

This community group is in its infancy so watch this space and see what The Genesis Project is capable of. If you would like to help, please email Linda on