We’re eager to work with and explore new¬†sponsorship opportunities to see how we can support each others’ goals and objectives.

Why sponsor HULLHARP?

Hull HARP is a local homeless charity providing food, clothing and shelter to homeless people in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. We are a caring organisation who often struggles with funding with the competition of larger local and national charities. We are proud of our work and the 36 years of experience of working with homeless people. What you see on the tin is what you get.

How sponsors have helped support us so far

We have many sponsors who have helped in lots of different ways including:

  • Donations of clothing, bedding and sleeping bags
  • Donations of non perishable foods, fresh meat, cooked meals through schools and restaurants
  • Decoration of our Night Shelter and other accommodation
  • Organised sponsored walks, charity and music events, art and craft sales, raffles, cycle marathons and coffee mornings
  • Donations of money – as an example, someone gave us their fuel allowance through donations

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