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LATEST NEWS  GOOD NEWS - Dock House reopened its doors on Tuesday 2nd December, 2014 for 12 weeks over the winter period. This is largely thanks to the many generous individuals, churches, schools, companies and charities who have kindly donated clothes, bedding, food and money.

I am sure you have seen the enormous amount of publicity we have recently received. This has helped not only to assist us in opening Dock House but has raised the issue of homelessness and contributed to a better understanding for the wider community.

On behalf of HULLHARP I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who have made the reopening possible.

Linda Tock, Manager


Hull Homeless and Rootless is a Hull Charity that provides emergency accommodation for people that are currently homeless in Hull. Dock House reopened on December 2nd ready for the cold, dark winter nights, and has enough funding for twelve weeks.

The people that arrive at our door have one alternative to the shelter: to sleep on the streets for that night. They face extremes of weather in hand-made shelters, which may be the clothes they stand in and a few cardboard boxes. Our shelter offers them a warm, safe place where they can get a hot meal, a shower, a bed and access to support services.

“Thank you for re-opening the shelter. Tonight I have a warm bed and somewhere to be safe” Walter, Resident

We can currently fund twelve beds; with your generosity we could increase the number of these beds and open throughout the year, instead of turning people away.

Help us, help those people without a home and Buy a Bed for Christmas with a donation of £115 will buy a bed for a week. Any donation big or small makes a difference. For the price of a Christmas present you can give a bed and safety to a homeless person.

Please donate through our website to paypal.

If you are interested in corporate sponsorship please visit here. Thank you!

If you would like to know more about HULLHARP please telephone 01482 219022 for more information.

If you would like to become a Fundraiser please click here.

SLEEPING BAGS NEEDED -   We are currently appealing for donations of used sleeping bags for rough sleepers.   Please contact us on 01482 219022 if you have any sleeping bags you are no longer using, and we will be happy to collect them.




Thank you for accessing the HULLHARP website. We hope that you are able to gain the information you require. There are many useful links you can use to access further information using the "useful links" button at the top of the site. You can also make a donation to our charity at any time using the "donate" button.


All of our projects are represented here Dock House, Aspire and our Outreach Service and you can access the details for each. We encourage feedback regarding any of our services and welcome your input to improve and shape what we deliver so fill out the feedback form using the link above.

We also appreciate it when new volunteers join us and we run a structured volunteer programme, so for more information take a look at our Volunteering page.



We are lucky to have some amazing funding partnerships so please visit their websites by clicking their icon below.

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